Reports & Resources

Fact Sheets:

The Basics: It’s Time to Close the Retirement Advice Loophole

Overview: DOL Conflict of Interest Rule Proposal

A Closer Look: Common DOL Fiduciary Questions and Answers

One Pager: Myth VS Fact

Comparative Chart: Alternatives to DOL Conflict Rule Fail to Ensure That Retirement Advice Serves Best Interests of Retirees

Incentives Matter: If Financial Firms Support a Best Interest Standard, Why do they Encourage Harmful Advice?

Fact Check: Three Facts about the United Kingdom’s Ban on Commissions

Fact Check: Setting the Record Straight on Industry Misinformation

One Pager: Requiring the DOL to Wait for the SEC Is a Groundless Tactic to Derail the Rule

Reports & Analysis:

Just the Facts – Not the Rhetoric: Analysis of H.R. 4294, the “SAVERS ACT,” and H.R. 4293, the “Affordable Retirement Advice Protection Act”

The Effects of Conflicted Investment Advice on Retirement Savings (White House Report)

DOL Delivers on its Promise: Conflict of Interest Rule Proposal Provides Needed Protections for Retirement Savers, Flexibility for Financial Firms

 Department of Labor’s Q&A on Small Savers

Comments on the DOL’s Rule to Close the Retirement Advice Loophole

Congressional Testimony of Supporters of the DOL Rulemaking

GAO Rollover Report and audio recordings (detailing the findings of a 2013 GAO investigation into the tactics firms use to influence investors’ decisions about rolling over their retirement assets)

A Legal Analysis: Understanding the DOL’s and the SEC’s Respective Roles

Workers Want Advice That’s In Their Best Interest (AARP Survey Findings)


Congressional Efforts to Undermine the DOL Rulemaking:

Oppose H.R. 4293 and H.R. 4294: Legislation to Weaken Protections for Retirement Savers

H.R. 4293 and H.R. 4294: Even Weaker Than the Current Standards that Fail to Protect Retirement Savers

Don’t be Fooled: One More Comment Period Means No More Rule

Coalition Urges Members of Congress to Reject Attempts to Derail DOL Fiduciary Rule

The Latest “Sign On” to Kill the DOL Rule to Protect American’s Retirement Savings

Coalition Letter of Opposition to H.R. 1090

Executive Office of the President Statement of Administration Policy Opposing H.R. 1090

Representative Maxine Waters: Every Moment We Delay Further Depletes Americans’ Meager Retirement Savings

Statement of Opposition to Roe and Roskam Bills

Video Resources:

Congress Should Side with Retirement Savers, Not ‎Wall Street

White Board Explainer: Your Retirement Protections

Arthur Levitt: Move Forward on the Fiduciary Standard

Barbara Roper on the Need for Strong Retirement Advice Protections

Kathleen McBride on How Her Experience Led Her to Support a Best Interest Advice Standard

Scott Puritz on Best Interest Retirement Advice

Why We Need “Best-Interest” Retirement Advice

Victim Story: Ethel Sprouse

Victim Story: Merlin and Elaine Toeffel

Victim Story: Phil Ashburn