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October 19, 2015

Supporting the Department of Labor’s “Best Interest Rule” Is Good for All Business

Huffington Post, Leo Hindery, Jr., Co-chair of the Task Force on Jobs Creation and former CEO of AT&T Broadband. 

[T}there’s a decision industry leaders can make today that would send a signal that we’re serious about rebuilding the public trust: supporting a Department of Labor initiative that would finally make doing what’s right for retirement savers the law of the land.  … Of course, not everyone who gives retirement investment advice is taking advantage of their clients, and many do act in their clients’ best interests. But because the law does not require financial advisors to do so, far too many do not act fairly. … After their decades of hard work, Americans deserve to retire with dignity and security. The proposed Department of Labor Best Interest Rule will help them do just that if we can just get it over the finish line and beat back selfish opposition coming from within parts of the financial services industry.

Read full Huffington Post article by Leo Hindery, Jr. here.

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